Aquadoption Holiday Special: The Wolf-Eel

Back by popular demand, for a limited time only during the holiday season, Heal the Bay’s Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is offering its wolf-eel for adoption. Nine different marine animals on display at the Aquarium are available for adoption year-long through the Aquadoption program, but the wolf-eel is only available through January 1, 2014.

Nothing says the holidays like a wolf-eel, and because the Aquarium staff does all the work of taking care of this unique marine animal, it’s a hassle-free way to connect with the sea life of the Santa Monica Bay.

At nearly three-feet long, the young wolf-eel is neither wolf nor eel, but a member of the wolffish family (named for their large front teeth) and will grow to be about seven feet long. This fish is eel-shaped, with a grayish-indigo colored body patterned with gorgeous dark spots. The wolf-eel can be found peering out of a rocky outcropping in the Aquarium’s Kelp Forest exhibit.