CCD 2012: They Found What!?

The most bizarre item found during 2012 Coastal Cleanup Day was a paddleboat in the woods. Yes! You read that right! It sounds like the lead in to a joke, but it’s the item Kentaro Lunn and Garrett Nas-tarin found during their mountain bike cleanup in Malibu Creek State Park. They not only found the boat, but hauled it over rough terrain to an access road where a state park crew could pick it up.

Other unusual finds this year included a hair weave, a rifle barrel found by divers in the water off Redondo Beach Pier (turned over to police), some toilets (including one still boxed), beach chairs, a “No Smoking” sign, and a 25 pound barrel of oil sludge.

Garrett and Kentaro received goody bags from Heal the Bay to thank them for their hard work!

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Coastal Cleanup Day 2012: Most Unusual Found Items

Coastal Cleanup Day 2012: They Found What?!