Heal the Bay Wavemakers Make a Big Splash

htb_wavemakers_logo_1-01Heal the Bay’s Wavemakers membership is based on one simple principle: Anyone can make a difference for the ocean.

How can you become a member of Heal the Bay?

Easy: Donate $25 or Aquadopt an animal. Not only will you earn extra karma points, you will also automatically unlock access to events, discounts and more frequent updates from experts.

Ready to make waves from the Bay to DTLA and beyond? Join us today.


Making a financial gift to Heal the Bay is an effective way to join our passionate and diverse community of Wavemakers. Our donors fund our fight to keep the ocean and watersheds in Los Angeles County clean and to hold big polluters accountable. Plus, by making a donation Wavemakers receive these perks:

  • $25Access to discounts on Heal the Bay merchandise, Subscription to e-newsletter and action alerts, Invitations to events, and One free admission to Heal the Bay’s Aquarium under the Santa Monica Pier for a year
  • $50: Includes $25 level perks + PLUS free Aquarium admission for up to two (2) adults and two (2) children for a year
  • $100: Includes $50 level perks + PLUS a VIP tour of the Aquarium




Aquadoptions support the care and feeding of an animal for one year at Heal the Bay’s Aquarium under the Santa Monica Pier. Support our educational and science-based mission to protect ocean species, habitats and marine life. Yes, there are more perks for Wavemakers:

  • $35: Adoption packet, including animal identification guide, adoption certificate, activity pages, bumper sticker, and a Heal the Bay Wavemakers Membership, which entitles you to free Aquarium admission for one year.
  • $50: Includes $35 level perks + PLUS a plush toy of your aquadopted animal.
  • $100Includes $50 level perks + PLUS a private feeding with your aquadopted animal (must be set up in advance by contacting 310-393-6149 x108 or gyoung@healthebay.org).
  • $250Includes $100 level perks + PLUS a behind-the-scenes tour of Heal the Bay’s Aquarium under the Santa Monica Pier (max six people).




Business groups, community partners and Super Healers who donate products, services, time and portions of sales also have the opportunity to become Wavemakers. Contact our advancement team for more details about how to unlock your membership access.




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