Give Back to the Sea: Year-End Giving Options

We don’t take clean water for granted and we know you don’t either. Whether you’ve joined us at one of our beach cleanups, visited our Santa Monica Pier Aquarium or donated funds when you could, you’ve shown us how deeply committed you are to caring for our ocean.

Now we’re asking you go to go a step further and make a year-end gift to sustain our work throughout 2014 and beyond. December is a critical month for us. Nearly 70% of private donations to Heal the Bay are made in the final two months of the year.

Private donors like you fund our annual operating budget. With recent cutbacks in government funding, contributions from individual donors like you are critical for maintaining our proven and effective programs that keep our shorelines clean, healthy and safe.

For a $35 tax-deductible donation, you can become a member of Heal the Bay and sustain our work as the longest-serving watchdog over Southern California’s beaches and ocean.

Here’s a look at some great wins that our members helped achieve in 2013:

And here’s a sample of what we’re working on in 2014:

  • Upholding the moratorium on oil drilling off the South Bay coast in Hermosa Beach. Hard to believe, but the risks from offshore oil drilling could once again become a threat to the health of our local waters.
  • Protecting marine life via our support of strict limits on a planned string of ocean-based desalination plants along the California coast. If unchecked, these plants could suck in massive quantities of seawater — and marine life — to meet our region’s ever-growing demand for water.
  • Building a community park in South Los Angeles that will capture and infiltrate stormwater, as well as provide much-needed open space and fitness opportunities.

Choose one of 4 easy ways to support this work today and help protect what you love:

Your gift today will help us hit the ground running next year and stand up for the bay we all love. Thank you!

Send a Gift to the Sea: Give Back Now!