REQUEST FOR QUOTE: Website and App Upgrades for Heal the Bay’s Beach Report Card (BRC) with NowCast

Heal the Bay is looking for a software developer/computer programmer to conduct upgrades to our Beach Report Card with NowCast website and mobile applications (, This is a contract position with payment upon completion of individual tasks.


In 2018 we overhauled the Beach Report Card website and mobile apps to React based platform. This platform contains 3 main codebases: React JS Front End (Website), React Native Mobile Apps, and Javascript Admin/Management Website. An ElasticSearch database stores all the data and content. The codebases are stored on Github and publish to two Heroku instances (Frontend and Backend).

Skills Needed

  • Web and mobile developer in React JS and React Native
  • ElasticSearch
  • Good communication skills;
  • Commitment to agreed-upon deadlines;
  • Experience delivering mobile apps for iOS and Android


  1. Integrate Partner Logo (website and apps)
    1. Insert brand partner message and clickable logo in sitewide footer and pop-up message and logo with button in BRC website and app (iOS and Android) experiences.
    2. Provide analytics tracking on impressions and clicks for the partner logo in footer and in pop up message. Duration of campaign is three years from public launch of assets at which point logo would need to be removed.
  2. Performance/Cache Improvements (website and apps)
    1. Update/improve the website to automatically load beaches when you scroll up or down the coast on the map. Currently, the user has to refresh the page to get grades for a different stretch of coastline.
    2. Update/improve the website to automatically display search filters. Currently, the user has to scroll before they are displayed and it is not intuitive.
    3. Improve page load performance by decreasing the initial download size loading sites data in a more efficient process.
  3. Update Search to include Google Maps results (website & apps)
    1. Update search function to integrate with Google Maps to find general locations, addresses, etc. Currently, the search is limited to site names within the database which is not helpful to most users unless they know the exact name we used for the beach locations.
  4. FAQ/Text Updates (website & apps)
    1. Update FAQ text block to add it to the back end management interface to allow regular content updates.
  5. Update iOS App to Fix Hidden Map/Grades (apps only)
    1. Update app to improve the search bar functionality to hide after a search is completed. Currently, when the user searches a beach on the app, the search bar does not automatically hide and show the grade. The user is left staring at the search bar and must figure out how to swipe the search out of the way.
  6. Admin Panel Upgrades (website only)
    1. Fix the function for uploading annual grades as it is not working properly. We have not been able to post annual grades for the last three years.
    2. We need better capability for updating rain advisories on the website, including the capability to upload a daily file of binary rain advisories for each county.
    3. Improve the advertisement card function.
  7. React Native Android (Android App)
    1. Activate and publish the Android version of the React Native App. A performance bug exists that prevents the Android app from working correctly using the same codebase as iOS. A substitute Java Android app was created as a workaround. We would like to discard this and return to a single app for both iOS and Android.
  8. NowCast Widget Development
    1. Development of a widget (iframe) codeblock that can display a side scrolling display of beach locations with NowCast or BRC grades for a group of site IDs. This will be posted on other websites like World Surf League or Magic Seaweed.

To Apply

Please send a short proposal, including a budget to complete the given scope of work (8 tasks), an expected timeline for completion, and details on your experience and qualifications to Luke Ginger.