Heal the Bay Science, Outreach, & Policy

Emely Garcia

Senior Beach and Watershed Programs Manager

Emely is passionate about environmental conservation, marine protection, and connecting people with the outdoors. She earned her Bachelor’s in Environmental Science and Management with a focus in Policy and Planning from Humboldt State University. Before joining the Heal the Bay team, she worked closely with the Sierra Club and LA Nature for All advocating for the protection of our San Gabriel Mountains and San Gabriel River. At Heal the Bay, Emely manages all Beach Programs that are open to the public. If you’re interested in being a part of a Nothing but Sand Beach Cleanup, getting involved with Adopt-a-Beach with your team, or volunteering on Coastal Cleanup Day feel free to reach out to Emely!

On her spare time, you can find her painting nature inspired art work, trail running, and planning her next National Park camping trip!

Email Me

(310) 451-1500 x148