Heal the Bay Aquarium

Nancy Cheng

Public Programs Manager

Nancy is an intersectional environmentalist who is passionate about working with local communities to conserve our planet’s ecosystems and biodiversity. A strong believer that people conserve what they love, and people love what they know, she hopes to integrate Heal the Bay’s science and policy campaigns with the Aquarium’s marine animal exhibits to emphasize the interconnectedness of people, wildlife, and our environment. Nancy has a B.S. in Animal Science and Natural Resources from Cornell University, and prior to joining Heal the Bay, was a captain on a sailboat and spent a year sailing across the Pacific Ocean to research the impacts of climate change on coastal communities and marine ecosystems. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nancy is excited to work for an organization that protects the things she loves doing most, such as diving the kelp forests, sailing around the Channel Islands, and wildlife watching for her two favorite animals: the island fox and the southern sea otter.

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(310) 393-6149 x208