Heal the Bay Science, Outreach, & Policy

Dr. Tania Pineda-Enriquez

Water Quality Data and Policy Associate Specialist

Dr. Pineda-Enriquez was born and raised in Mexico and has been passionate about marine sciences for as long as she can remember. Tania is an evolutionary biologist with a B.S. in Biology from UNAM, a M.S in Marine Biology from UNAM-ICMYL, and a Ph.D. from University of Florida in 2022. She’s fascinated by the diversity of marine invertebrates, especially how brittle stars or ophiuroids from tropical reef habitats across the oceans can help understand global biodiversity patterns, and so far she has named nine species new to science. Tania has been an active member of research labs, have actively mentored students, participated in field expeditions (across Latin America, US, and Thailand) and conducted research in more than eight countries. She now serves as a Water Quality Data Associate with Heal the Bay to provide the public with science-based recommendations about the quality of the water. In her free time, Tania likes to explore nature and travelling with her husband and two kids.

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