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The ocean is the soul of L.A., but it needs your help. Whether you give your time, your money, or your voice, it’s easy—and rewarding—to be a Wavemaker.

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Stop the Ballona Boondoggle!

The Ballona Wetlands, once over 2,000 acres, has now contracted to 600. Without restoration, this vital habitat will only continue to deteriorate. Demand accountability for the restoration project!

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How will you take part?

Give Time

Wanna roll up your sleeves at a cleanup? Or would you rather beachcomb with some binoculars? Click the appropriate group category below for a menu of volunteer opportunities sorted by time commitment.

  • Time Commitment:
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  • Heavy
  • nbs-0

    Nothin’ But Sand

    What: Our monthly all-ages beach cleanup bonanza

    When: 10 a.m. to noon on the third Saturday of every month except December

    Where: A different L.A. County beach each month


  • storm-response-team

    Storm Response Team

    What: A hardy crew of first-responders who remove debris from beaches after a big deluge.

    When: Anytime a significant rain event strikes L.A., our SRT will be activated.

    Where: Pico-Kenter stormdrain, Santa Monica

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  • wednesday-warriors-1

    Wednesday Warriors

    What: An office odyssey every Wednesday: Creative projects, data entry, supplies inventory, and more with Heal the Bay staff

    When: Wednesdays, 1:30-5 p.m.

    Where: Heal the Bay HQ

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  • street-fleet-3

    Street Fleet

    What: Street Fleeters love conservation and conversation, representing Heal the Bay at festivals, fairs, and other tabling events.

    Where: Throughout Greater L.A.

    How: Step 1: Attend a Volunteer Orientation. Step 2: Attend a Street Fleet training

    Commitment: Volunteers should attend at least two events.

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  • cleanup-captains-1

    Cleanup Captains

    What: These beach babes help our Nothin’ But Sand cleanups and Coastal Cleanup Day sites run smoothly.

    Where: Various L.A. County beaches

    How: Step 1: Attend a Volunteer Orientation. Step 2: Attend a Cleanup Captain training

    Commitment: Captains must participate in at least three cleanups.

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  • speakers-bureau-1

    Speakers Bureau

    What: Members of our elite Speakers Bureau deliver informative and inspiring presentations on Heal the Bay’s work to groups of all ages.

    Where: Throughout Greater L.A.

    How: Attend all four Speakers Bureau training sessions. Note: All volunteers over 18 must pass a background check.

    Commitment: Speakers must give at least four presentations.

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  • mpa-watch-1

    MPA Watch

    What: Citizen scientists monitor activity and record data along our shorelines, helping to keep L.A.’s marine protected areas pristine.

    Where: Malibu and Palos Verdes.

    How: Step 1: Attend a classroom training. Step 2: Attend a field training. Note: Volunteers must be 15 or older.

    Commitment: Volunteers must make a six-month commitment.

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  • aquarium-volunteer-1

    Aquarium Volunteer

    What: Share your love of marine science with the public. Meet, greet, and engage with visitors, assist our aquarist team, help out with special events, and more.

    Where: SMPA

    How: Step 1: Attend an Aquarium Open House. Step 2: Submit a volunteer application. Step 3: If accepted, attend a training. Note: Volunteers must be 15 or older.

    Commitment: Volunteers must complete at least 100 hours of work per year.

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  • adopt-a-beach-2


    What: Show some TLC to an L.A. beach of your group’s choice by cleaning it up three times a year.

    Where: Choose from over 25 L.A. beaches.

    How: Complete the online application. Note: AAB groups must have at least 15 participants.

    Commitment: Complete three cleanups within the year.


  • club-heal-the-bay-2

    Club Heal the Bay

    What: Connect your middle- or high-school environmental club with Heal the Bay to earn service hours and special perks.

    Where: Any L.A.-area middle or high school with an existing environmental club.

    How: Register online.

    Commitment: Participate in a minimum of three Heal the Bay volunteer events per school year.


  • suits-on-the-sand-2

    Suits on the Sand

    What: An educational presentation followed by a beach cleanup to build your business team’s morale and enhance your company’s environmental commitment.

    Where: Cleanups are held at Santa Monica Beach.

    How: Step 1: Choose your sponsorship level. Step 2: Contact our partnerships team for more information.

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Give Money

Short on time but still want to make a difference? Consider making a financial gift to Heal the Bay. With 81 cents of every donated dollar supporting science-based advocacy, grassroots community outreach, and award-winning educational programs, your contribution is a smart investment in a cleaner, bluer L.A.

Give Voice

Share a post, send a tweet, or add your name to a pledge or petition to spread ocean awareness and show your true blue colors. Our online advocates always move the needle.


Volunteer Resources

Marine Debris Database

Curious about what kinds of trash we find at beach cleanups? Dig into the Marine Debris Database for an inside look at the epidemic of plastic pollution.

Stream Team

The Stream Team data portal contains a wealth of Malibu Creek water quality information. Heal the Bay staff scientists have been researching this critical habitat in the Santa Monica Mountains since 1998.

Featured Volunteers

Brenton Spies

“When I walked through the doors of the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, I was full of passion for the ocean, though not sure where that could lead. The Aquarium inspired my desire to be involved in conservation and marine science and it was here that I finally became aware of the scientist and educator within. The Aquarium was the catalyst that motivated me to pursue degrees in marine science.”

Brenton, an Aquarium volunteer and nature photographer, is working on his doctorate in biology at UCLA.

Terumi Toyoshima

“Heal the Bay gives me hope for a cleaner ocean, a cleaner planet, a better community, a better me. It has made me realize whatever I do–at the beach, at home, at work, on the street miles from the beach, or anywhere–affects the health of the ocean. Also, I like that even though we have huge events with hundreds of people, I’ve had the chance to meet wonderful people and make great friends.”

Terumi has been a Volunteer Beach Captain since 2004.

Zola Berger-Schmitz

“Heal the Bay inspired me to pursue my interest in environmental activism and then gave me the tools to mobilize my peers. Through Heal the Bay programs and training I developed important public speaking and leadership skills and was empowered to become an environmental youth advocate.”

Zola has been a Heal the Bay volunteer since she was 12.