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Feeds our Santa Monica Pier Aquarium animals for one day


Trains and equips two volunteers to survey Marine Protected Areas


Funds one week of water quality data collection for Southern California beaches


Subsidizes a beach cleanup for 60 volunteers

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Double Your Donation with Jack Johnson
We’ve teamed up with Grammy-nominated musician and beloved ocean advocate Jack Johnson on his 2017 Summer Tour. If you make a contribution to Heal the Bay before September 1, Jack Johnson’s charity will match your donation up to a total of $2,500.

I’m very picky about what causes I choose to support with my time and money. So why have I been a board member for 17 years? Because Heal the Bay is our first and best defense for protecting local beaches and the ocean.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, supporter since 1995

Heal the Bay has consistently–and persistently–been involved with healing the ocean and making a cleaner environment, but also trying to create a community in Southern California that, I think, is second to none. Watch Greg’s video here.

Greg Webster, supporter since 2015

It makes me feel good and feel happy that I’m giving what I can to an organization I believe in and feel passionate about.

Kirsten Segal, supporter since 2010