🎉Thanks for supporting Coastal Cleanup Day 2022

Inell Woods Park site volunteers carry away trash collected during Coastal Cleanup Day 2022. Photos by Frankie Orrala / Heal the Bay. Submit a Photo.


On Saturday, September 17, 2022, 4,583 Heal the Bay volunteers gathered across LA County to remove 11,298 pounds of trash and 313 pounds of recyclables from our watersheds, neighborhoods, and coastline.

As we prepare to continue onward in our advocacy, we are still in awe of the community turnout for last week’s Coastal Cleanup Day 2022We’d like to send a huge wave of thanks to our Coastal Cleanup Day 2022 volunteers, organizers, and sponsors! Every day grants a new opportunity to drastically impact our local environment. Turn on our Coastal Cleanup Day Sounds of Solidarity playlistgather your supplies, and continue to spread the movement to keep our favorite community spaces safe, healthy, and clean. How do you show our Waters that you care?

WATCH: It’s time for Trash Talk LIVE!–the official wrap show for Coastal Cleanup Day in Los Angeles! Learn about the impact of our day of action and witness the announcement of our initial 2022 cleanup totals. Visit our new Twitch channel for more Coastal Cleanup Day highlights and Heal the Bay Aquarium programming.

Heal the Bay Presents: Coastal Cleanup Day 2022 – Building Solidarity with our Waters and Each Other

September 17, 2022

Heal the Bay’s Coastal Cleanup Day in Los Angeles County is in its 33rd year! The annual community cleanup will take place on September 17,  2022 as an official event for California’s statewide Coastal Cleanup and the International Coastal Cleanup movement.

Join us for our 33rd annual community cleanup happening at more than 35 sites across Los Angeles County!  Our planet’s waters and marine life are suffering from the cumulative impact of an unprecedented amount of pollution, climate change, and harmful human activity. This year, we invite you to participate in our day of action to drastically rehabilitate our local environment. Choose a cleanup location and join in on fun site activities, giveaways, and more! After the cleanup, come back here to tune in to Trash Talk LIVE, our virtual and in-person wrap show broadcasted live from Heal the Bay Aquarium, to learn how we can keep trash off our local beaches, waterways, parks, and neighborhoods in the first place.



Heal the Bay’s Coastal Cleanup Day 2022 theme is all about using our self-expression, local knowledge, and collective strength to recognize our coastal waters and watersheds as powerful entities with significance beyond our human needs. Many coastal Indigenous Peoples and Native Nations (such as the Tongva, Chumash, Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indian, or Kizh Nation tribes), as well as BIPOC residents, cherish oral histories or cultural understandings that celebrate the pure essence of water, and teach us how to live in harmony with the ocean and waterways.

On Coastal Cleanup Day, thousands of people unite to keep our ecosystems thriving while deepening our sense of reciprocity for safe, healthy, and clean water. We want to use this special moment to amplify voices and art that celebrate our connection to water.

Water takes care of us, so that we can take care of each other. Let’s use our people power and creativity to tell our waters we have their back. We invite our 2022 volunteers and collaborators to reflect on the prompt: How do you show our Waters that you care?

View our site map and choose from more than 35 locations across Los Angeles County and beyond to spend your Coastal Cleanup Day. Find your site’s address and share it with your crew.

Download the Clean Swell® app to track you trash findings on Coastal Cleanup Day. Your cleanup observations help science and advocacy groups like Heal the Bay based around the world.

Listen to our 2022 Sounds of Solidarity Spotify Playlist. Enjoy this Heal the Bay Community curated Coastal Cleanup Day soundtrack as we collectively pick up trash while jamming out together.

Learn our 2022 Water Solidarity Chant:

Waterways are our allys

The Coastline is our kin

Let’s keep them clean

We’d like to send a huge wave of thanks to our Coastal Cleanup Day 2022 organizers and sponsors!