Heal the Bay Science, Outreach, & Policy

Zoë Collins

Coastal Cleanup Day Manager

Zoë assists Heal the Bay’s outreach team through the Angler Outreach Program (AOP) and Suits on the Sand (SOS) program. Her work includes educating pier anglers about fish contaminated with DDT and PCBs, making them unsafe to consume. In addition, she joins our outreach efforts through beach cleanups, public education, and more. She graduated from UCLA in 2023 with a B.S. in Marine Biology and has an avid passion for connecting people to their waterways, advocating for environmental conservation, and creating a Los Angeles more resilient to our changing climate. Her experience has brought her from tabling for environmental bills stuck in the assembly all the way to the ocean floor in the deep-submergence vehicle Alvin as part of a research expedition studying microbial mats. Outside of her passion for the ocean, she loves pottery, writing, and 2000’s rom-coms.

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