El Niño? Sure, I'll Drink to That!

Top restaurants in town are offering El Niño-inspired cocktails to raise awareness and to benefit Heal the Bay. Oyster shell-infused mezcal, anyone?

Here at Heal the Bay we take the possibility of an intense El Niño winter very seriously. Downpours and deluges can impact our homes, cities and waterways negatively. So we’ve targeted Oct. 11-17 as El Niño Week to help us all understand what causes this meteorological phenomenon, offer tips to prepare and explore the ways that expected heavy rains can be turned to our advantage.

But if this all sounds too serious, take heart – supporting Heal the Bay’s preparation efforts includes fun cocktails too!

Terrazza Lounge Santa Monica SkyFive local establishments are supporting Heal the Bay’s efforts to protect our communities, waterways, and the marine environment by creating El Niño-inspired libations. Heal the Bay will receive a portion of the proceeds from each clever concoction sold throughout El Niño Week. You can contribute to our work by sampling tasty beverages (responsibly!) at the following restaurants:

  • The Lobster: This long-time Santa Monica institution offers a perfect perch to observe approaching weather — and their own El Niño cocktail.
  • Cassia: One of Santa Monica’s newest, hottest restaurants. Sample a Hop Sea Negroni (pictured on bottom left); you’ll have to drop by to see the recipe — but it does involve some oyster shell-infused mezcal. It’s the perfect drink to enjoy with items from the raw bar or a bowl of seafood laksa!  
  • Hotel Casa del Mar’s Terrazza Lounge: The staff was so inspired by our El Niño Week that they’ve come up with two cocktails. They’re too gorgeous for words, but the names say it all: “Santa Monica Water,” and “Santa Monica Sky” (pictured on right).
  • Locanda del Lago: These mixologists are sure to put a Northern Italian twist on their version of the El Niño.
  • Rusty’s Surf Ranch: Contemplate a stormy winter with a stormy drink on the Pier – all the while contributing to Heal the Bay’s efforts.

 And a reminder if you’re looking for more substantial food for thought — we’re kicking off El Niño Week at our Santa Monica Pier Aquarium at 2:30 pm Sunday, Oct. 11 with “Capture, Conserve and Reuse,” a discussion about water and land use. Check out all the latest methods of water recovery with demonstrations on the Aquarium’s patio from 2:30 to 4:30.

Cassia Hop Sea Negroni DrinkThen on Tuesday Oct. 13, come back to the Aquarium to learn all the latest on El Niño from Bill Patzert, often called the “Prophet of California climate.” Patzert has been a scientist at the California Institute of Technology’s NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, since 1983. He’ll be speaking from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.

Our website and social media outlets will be overflowing with blogs, contests and giveaways.  And since this is a Heal the Bay production, we’ll cap off the week’s activities with our Nothin’ But Sand beach cleanup Saturday, Oct. 17 on Venice Beach.

So get prepared, support Heal the Bay’s efforts for clean and healthy water from the mountains to the sea – and enjoy the drinks – responsibly, of course.

Thanks to staffer Randi Parent for writing this preview and arranging many of the drink promotions.