Aquarium Science Adventure Camp 2018

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Topics for Week 1: June 26 – June 30 (entering K – 1st grade)

Mammal Monday: Sea lions, dolphins and whales – oh my! Everyone loves the smart and playful marine mammals so we will explore what makes them similar and different from us and the fish they live with.
Tiny Tuesday: The ocean contains life both big and small. Explore the unseen side of life, plankton, and how it drives our entire ocean food chain.
Wiggle Wednesday: Life is not hard for these spineless creatures that call the ocean home. Meet some of the invertebrates that can be found right off our beaches.
Toothy Thursday: Sharks! Help gnaw through the misconceptions, as we get up close and personal with these amazing animals.
Healthy Humans Friday: Our ocean is in trouble but we can help! Find out how trash left on our streets gets into the ocean, how it impacts our ocean friends once it is there, and ways we can protect the ocean from more pollution.


Summer is the time for exploration, beach days, and…science! At our Aquarium Science Adventure Camp, we bounce from our exhibits to the classroom and out to the beach so the experience is all fun with just the right amount of learning for a summer’s day. Each day focuses on a different ocean topic and campers will interact with hundreds of local marine species while making new friends. If your budding scientists love learning about the ocean, doing experiments, playing games, digging for sand crabs, making art, and having fun while making a difference, then dive into camp at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium!

  • Week 1: June 25 – 29 @ 9am – 2pm (entering K – 1st grade)*
  • Week 2: July 9 – 13 @ 9am – 2pm (entering K – 1st grade)*
  • Week 3: July 16 – 20 @ 9am – 2pm (entering 1st – 3rd grade)*
  • Week 4: July 23 – 27 @ 9am – 2pm (entering 2nd – 5th grade)*
  • Week 5: July 30 – Aug 3 @ 9am – 2pm (entering 5th – 8th grade)*

*Grade entering Fall 2018

Topics for Week 5: July 31 – Aug 4 (entering 2nd – 5th grade)

Mimic Monday: Let’s discover the hidden critters that can blend into their environments or copy other animals with their amazing adaptations. And we’ll take a look at how we mimic nature and animals to improve our products and technologies.
Explorers Tuesday: Let’s discover what it means to be a scientist and the adventures of ocean explorers, including piloting our Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV)!
Waves Wednesday: We’ll dive into the science of waves and explore the animals that can survive their constant crashing on the shore. Get ready for a day of beach exploration and fun!
Deep Sea Thursday: Deep in the ocean, where light never goes, live strange and wonderful creatures that almost nobody knows. Explore the depths of our ocean and learn about some of our planet’s most bizarre creatures.
Fishing For Help Friday: Our ocean is in trouble but we can help! Find out how we impact our ocean friends by overfishing and littering. Then we’ll learn how to be Planet Protectors and save the animals from harm.

Cost (includes a camp t-shirt and reusable water bottle!):


We have space for four scholarships, to be used for families in need of financial assistance, thanks to The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation. You have until June 4th to apply, and decisions will be made by June 8th. If accepted, the family will be asked to write a letter about their experience and what it meant to them to be shared with the grantors afterward as thanks. If you need financial assistance for your child to attend camp, please complete this application and email us

Cancellation Policy:

Before June 10th, the camp fee can be refunded, less a $100 administration fee. On or after June 10th, the camp fee is non-refundable, and considered a tax-deductible donation to Heal the Bay.

Contact Kelly with any questions at (310) 393-6149 x106, or by email at

Explore more: View our blog to learn more about Aquarium Science Camp and see our FAQs.