Heal the Bay Aquarium Science Camp

Marine Myths & Legends: Spring Science Camp 2024

March 25 – March 29; Grades: K-5, Price: $400/week, $85/day

When school is out Heal the Bay Aquarium Science Camp is in! Let your budding marine scientist swim into fun during their upcoming spring break starting March 25-29, 2024.

The ocean has inspired awe and wonder since the dawn of time. The power of the ocean sparked the imaginations of ancient humans creating ocean-based myths and legends! Join us as we explore the natural creatures and phenomenon found in the sea that inspired these fantastic stories. Through interactive lessons, hands-on activities and experiments, and direct interaction with local marine species housed in our aquarium, your child will practice discerning fact from fiction while having fun with friends! The meaningful experiences, education, and laughter at Heal the Bay’s Marine Myths & Legends Spring Science Camp is no fable. This Spring, come discover the truth for yourself at Heal the Bay Aquarium!

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“A 2020 study published in the American Educational Research Journal found that 52% of students in first to sixth grade, over five summers, experienced learning loss and lost an average of 39% of subjects learned during the school year.” (Spectrum News 1)




Guests enjoying the touch tanks at Heal the Bay Aquarium READ about how Science Camp helps students become “burgeoning ecosystem stewards” (Santa Monica Daily Press). 

 “I try to speak to [the campers] in a way that inspires them, that makes them want to care about the environment … it’s about caring about the place we exist in and inspire them to want to take care of it.” – Robert Ramos, Heal the Bay Aquarium Education Manager 


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Marine Myths & Legends: Spring Science Camp 2024 Schedule

**Daily activities are subject to timing and weather conditions

Mermaid Monday: Fish Anatomy and Physiology

· The legends of mermaids and sirens have been told for hundreds of years. Tales of enchanting creatures from the deep, who sing hypnotic songs and entrance wandering ships have sprung up all over the world. What if mermaids were real? Would they all look the same, or would their features be altered by their various habitats? Together, we look at the anatomy of fish while contemplating how their bodies increase their survivability while also investigating the original creature these myths are based on, the manatee.

What To Expect:

· Nature Journaling

· Fish Anatomy Observations

· Mermaid Field Guide Exploration

· And more!

Typhoon Tuesday: Weather vs. Climate – Impacts on Ecosystem Formation

· Ancient literature describes weather and nature controlled by gods. From Poseidon to Thor, humans had some wild theories around the causes of this inexplicable phenomenon. Modern science shows how and why different weather patterns form – and can even predict them! Weather and climate play a vital role in determining the living and non-living factors that form ecosystems all over the world. Together, we will discover why the rain in Spain falls neatly on the plains.

What To Expect:

· Typhoon in a Bottle Experiment

· Make Your Own Rain Experiment

· Big Bubble Activity (outside)

· And more!

Water-Horse Wednesday: Marine Dinosaurs – Then vs. Now

· Oh Dannyboy, the pipes and adventures are calling, here at Heal the Bay! The legend of the Lochness Monster, an ancient cryptid thought to still live in Lake Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands, has haunted residents and tourists alike – and it may have some basis in truth. In the past, there existed marine dinosaurs that may have matched Nessie’s description. Many species of ancient ocean animals still exist today and actively play vital roles in modern day ecosystem functioning. Your campers will investigate the truth behind these ancient myths, and the very real facts they’re based on.

What To Expect:

· Find the Sea Serpent Activity

· 3D Fossil Exploration

· Fossil Excavation

· And more!

Leviathan Thursday: Cephalopod Survival – Advantageous Adaptations

· Though we cannot house giant squid, at Heal the Bay this Spring, we will be “kraken” this mystery wide open. This mythical creature is as real as they come, and the truth of their lives will blow your mind. Not every cephalopod is created equal, but each hold a giant place in our hearts. Take a chance and learn all about what octopus, squid, and even nautiluses can teach you about survival in our oceans.

What To Expect:

· Beach Exploration (dress appropriately)

· Invisible Ink Activity

· Octopus Chain Link Craft

· And more!

Frost-Giant Friday: Ursidae Everyday – Bears Around the World

· High in the frigid mountains of the Himalayas, people tell stories of a great, wooly, humanoid giant called a Yetti. In similar regions, of a slightly warmer climate, some have even called this creature Bigfoot. Most likely, though, these people are seeing creatures similar to bears. Members of the Ursidae family, like polar and grizzly bears, have dominated their habitats for thousands of years. On our final day of camp, we will learn about our fuzzy friends, the bears, and how they’ve worked their way into the hearts and minds of humans, as well as almost every ecosystem on the planet! Finally, we’ll cozy up and enjoy a legendary ice cream party!

What To Expect:

· Make Your Own Polar Bear

· Snowstorm in a Bottle Experiment

· Ice Cream Party

· And more!


$400 per week

$85 per day

**Daily sessions are available à la carte for $85 per day, or the full 5-day week for the reduced price of $400


For cancellations made prior to 2 weeks before the start of your registered camp session, the camp fee can be refunded, less a $50 administration fee. Cancellations made within 2 weeks of the start of your registered camp session are non-refundable.


Please download and fill out all Camp Forms before arriving at Science Camp.


Thanks to the generosity of community partners, we have a limited number of camp scholarships available. If you need partial or full financial assistance for your child to attend virtual camp, please fill out the application in the registration above after reading our Camp Scholarship Eligibility and Application.


See our Spring Camp FAQs. For any other questions, please contact Robert Ramos at rramos@healthebay.org

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$400 per week

$85 per day

*SHORT WEEK*: $250

**Daily sessions are available à la carte for $85 per day, or the full 5-day week for the reduced price of $400. The week of July 4th will be a short week, and we will be offering a deal price for this week of $250.


Week 1: June 24 – June 28 (Grades K-2)

Week 2: July 1 – July 3 (SHORT WEEK) (Grades 3-5)

Week 3: July 8 – July 12 (Grades 6-8)

Week 4: July 15 – July 19 (Grades K-2)

Week 5: July 22 – July 26 (Grades 3-5)

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