Staff Directory


Shelley Luce

President & Chief Executive Officer

Shelley is responsible for determining Heal the Bay’s policy priorities, forming smart strategic alliances, and growing public participation across greater Los Angeles. Shelley, who holds a Doctorate of Environmental Science and Engineering from UCLA and a B.S. in Biology from McGill University, began her advocacy career at Heal the Bay, serving as a staff scientist from 2001-2005. She went on to hold executive director positions at the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, the Bay Foundation, and the Environment Now Foundation before rejoining us as President and Chief Executive Officer in 2017.

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Sarah Abramson Sikich

Vice President

Sarah is responsible for advancing Heal the Bay’s strategic priorities through scientific research, advocacy, and legislative campaigns. She also builds strategic partnerships with diverse stakeholders to advance Heal the Bay’s initiatives. Sarah earned her Bachelor’s in Marine and Freshwater Biology from the University of New Hampshire, and her Master’s from the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UCSB. When she’s not busy fighting for the ocean, Sarah can be found surfing it.

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Gabriele Morgan


Gabriele has been the face, voice, and administrative angel of Heal the Bay for nearly 20 years. She can answer any question about the organization and the Bay with ease and keeps the office running smoothly. When not manning her post as velvet rope/bouncer/concierge, she can probably be found in her recording studio.

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Sylvie Makara

Executive Assistant

Sylvie provides administrative support to Heal the Bay’s President, Vice President, and Board of Directors. After relocating to Southern California from Ottawa, Ontario, Sylvie quickly found her niche as an educational programs volunteer and Key to the Sea Naturalist at Heal the Bay. Sylvie brings almost 20 years of administrative experience and an unabashed love of the ocean to her work.

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Oscar Garcia

Chief Advancement Officer

California native, Oscar Garcia has been raising money since the age of nine and continued to do so throughout his academic and professional career. In 2003, Oscar made a career transition and has been working professionally as a full-time Advancement Executive where he has been passionately raising money for the arts, academia and the environment. Oscar received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from California State University, Dominguez Hills and has been accepted into the graduate programs in Nonprofit Management at Antioch University. When he’s not meditating on the cliffs in South Shores, you can find him on the archery range!

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Erik Schiller

Associate Advancement Director

Erik is excited to join Heal the Bay as the Associate Advancement Director. Erik graduated from Biola University with a degree in Marketing/Management. On the weekends, you can usually find him searching for historic tiki bars or planning his next scuba dive.

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Sheila McSherry

Foundation Grants Manager

Sheila has been securing foundation and corporate grant support for Heal the Bay’s programs since 2005. She developed a passion for environmental and social justice issues while studying journalism at UCSC. Sheila is also a musician and recording artist, and currently sings for an L.A.-based garage rock band.

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Logan Doughtie

Donor Relations Manager

Logan manages our new Wavemakers membership program, along with our Suits On the Sand program and a new retail initiative. Logan graduated from Florida State University and worked for several years managing arts education programs for homeless youth shelters. He enjoys exploring California’s national parks.

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Alvin Lam

Development Assistant

Alvin graduated from UCLA, but more importantly, unlike Frank Drebin, he doesn’t love swimming in raw sewage. It’s this aversion that led him to Heal the Bay where he helps the Advancement team attract lovers of clean water (yes, that was a reference to the 90’s classic, Naked Gun 2 ½).

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Marketing and Communications

Matthew King

Communications Director

Matthew is responsible for communicating Heal the Bay’s mission and activities to the general public. He oversees our branding, public messaging, pro-bono advertising, and public and media relations. Before joining Heal the Bay, he served as a vice president of The Hollywood Reporter and as an editor at the Los Angeles Times. An avid surfer, Matthew sneaks out to El Porto and Bay Street as often as he can. Listen to Matthew’s fun and inspiring interview with The Sound discussing Heal the Bay’s campaigns.

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Talia Walsh

Associate Director

Talia creates and develops Heal the Bay’s marketing and communications campaigns to foster deeper connections between Angelenos and the ocean. Prior to this role, she served at Ticketmaster as the senior manager of content marketing. She earned her B.S. in Communication and Rhetorical Studies from Syracuse University and enjoys hiking, art, and live music.

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Meredith McCarthy

Director of Programs

Meredith oversees Heal the Bay’s suite of prestigious public programs, including Coastal Cleanup Day, Nick Gabaldon Day, Speakers Bureau, Adopt-a-Beach and Key to the Watershed. Meredith also chairs the Green L.A. Coalition and sits on the steering committees for OurParks, OurWaterLA, and the South Bay Integrated Regional Water Management Plan.

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Nancy Shrodes

Education & Outreach Manager

Nancy inspires thousands of Angelenos by managing Heal the Bay’s Speakers Bureau program. Her passion for ocean conservation earned her an Environmental Science degree with a focus in marine biology from Tufts University. Prior to joining Heal the Bay, Nancy ran a grassroots campaign office that was instrumental in banning plastic bags in L.A. Look for Nancy on the beach volleyball courts.

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Isabel Cardenas

Beach Programs Manager

Isabel manages the Adopt-a-Beach and Coastal Cleanup programs, educating diverse communities about the importance of our ocean and the impact of marine debris. She earned a B.S. in Earth Systems from Stanford University. Before working at Heal the Bay, Isabel was an environmental science educator in Olympic National Park. In her free time, Isabel likes to visit national parks, rock climb, and is learning to surf.

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Halina Do-Linh

Programs Coordinator

Halina facilitates and coordinates our beach programs including Club Heal the Bay and Suits on the Sand. Club Heal the Bay focuses on environmental leadership development in young adults within the Greater Los Angeles Area. Suits on the Sand gets corporations and their employees out on the beaches to build environmental stewardship, as well as instill teamwork and volunteer spirit. Halina is native to the Los Angeles area, but ventured up north where she achieved her Bachelor Degree in Environmental Studies & Biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is excited to be a part of Heal the Bay and to be advocating for marine and other environmental issues in the areas she grew up exploring.

Emily Reyna

Volunteer Programs Coordinator

Emily is responsible for recruiting, training and managing our valuable volunteers. She is helping to reshape our programs and introduce new and innovative ways for our volunteer base to connect with the public about the health and safety of our coastal waters and watersheds. Emily achieved her B.S. in Marine Biology from Cal State Long Beach. She has work with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, as well as the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro. She is so excited to now be apart of Heal the Bay. When she’s not working she enjoys playing with her English Bulldog, swimming, SCUBA diving, yoga, and stand-up paddleboarding.

Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

Joleen Deatherage

Aquarium Director

Joleen joined us after four years with the Los Angeles Maritime Institute, where she was the head of development and marketing, and played a major leadership role in the development of environmental and science programming aboard the Institute’s tall ships. A fourth generation Angeleno, Joleen brings with her a wealth of experience in marketing and communications, fundraising, event production, nonprofit management, experiential education, and in building partnerships in the community. Joleen was raised in Redondo Beach and can’t live too far from the ocean. One of her favorite quotes is from the Cuban poet Pablo Neruda: “Necesito del mar porque me enseña.” (I need the sea because it teaches me.)

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Randi Parent

Outreach Manager

Randi, a former newspaper reporter from Cape Cod, coordinates with educators, event planners, and others who wish to use the facilities at the Aquarium. Randi also acts as liaison with various city agencies and Santa Monica Pier neighbors. She puts her journalism skills to work writing about the Aquarium for Heal the Bay publications and by publicizing Aquarium events.

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Jenna Segal

Public Programs Manager

As public programs manager, Jenna is the welcoming face of the Aquarium, leading daily operations for the Aquarium’s public hours and coordinating special weekend events. Jenna is originally from Massachusetts, and earned her B.S. in Biology from Northeastern University. Ask her about octopus intelligence for some interesting stories and facts.

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Science and Policy

Dr. Katherine Pease

Watershed Scientist

Katherine assesses the water quality and biological health of greater L.A.’s watersheds and assists stakeholder groups with policy recommendations. Katherine studied Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Barnard College and earned a Ph.D. from UCLA, where she wrote her dissertation on the impacts of invasive crayfish on native frog tadpoles in the Santa Monica Mountains. Katherine is passionate about freshwater ecosystems and loves to explore L.A.’s wilderness.

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Karen Vu

Beach Water Quality Analyst

Karen is responsible for collecting and analyzing microbial beach water quality data for the Beach Report Card program. After a long stint as an intern at Heal the Bay and the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Management at USF. When she’s not sifting through data, you can find Karen diving in the local MPAs.

Ryan Searcy

Beach Water Quality Modeler

Ryan is responsible for developing and running Heal the Bay’s “NowCast” program, an innovative platform that will forecast water quality at beaches across California daily. Hailing from Northern California, Ryan moved down to sunny San Diego to earn both a B.S. in Environmental Engineering and a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at UCSD. After the work day is done, Ryan can be found surfing waves or sipping a homebrew.

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Frankie Orrala

Angler Outreach Program Manager

Frankie manages the Angler Outreach Program, overseeing a multilingual team of five. He also develops partnerships with the Spanish-speaking community and acts as Heal the Bay’s Spanish media liaison. Before joining Heal the Bay, Frankie was a Fishing Observer for the Ecuadorian National Fishing Institute in the Galapagos Islands. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marine biology from the University of Guayaquil.

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Oscar Torres

Angler Outreach Team

Driven by his zeal for the Southern California coast and his passion for informing and empowering communities, Oscar speaks with anglers and fishermen and instructs them about pollution and health risks from fishing L.A.’s piers. Oscar’s main interests are environmental and human health and sustainable fisheries.