Thank You Thursday – 5.9.13

Compton Creek runs 8.5 miles through the neighborhoods of South Los Angeles, traversing its last 2.5 miles as one of the few remaining natural bottomed urban waterways in the area. The creek contains water (and trash) that flows from just below Exposition Boulevard in the city of Los Angeles and from the city of Carson, before pouring into the Los Angeles River. Yet despite its challenges, the creek is not without its stewards.

This “Thank You Thursday” is dedicated to all of our many friends, families and organizations that brought out over 150 volunteers to celebrate this wonderful space by removing trash, riding around on bikes and demonstrating the beauty of gardening and tree care. Without further ado, we wish to thank:

And a very warm thank you to all of the volunteers who joined us, removing a full dumpster’s worth of trash from the creek, and joining in on a 6-mile bike ride through the local community. I also would like to thank Compton City Councilwoman Yvonne Arceneaux (pictured right, with the author) for joining us as we celebrated this wonderful space.

— Edward Murphy, Watershed Education Manager

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