3 Hidden Gems Along Malibu Creek

Cool clear water cascades softly above glistening rocks, as a California newt munches on some caddisfly larvae. Brilliant Humboldt lilies peek over the earthen creek bank, where a California chorus frog hopes to catch an unsuspecting eight-legged meal. Hard to believe that just a short distance downstream, we are confronted with the effects of man-made barriers and pollution as well as non-native plants and animals in Malibu Creek.

Heal the Bay’s Stream Team has collected data from the Malibu Creek Watershed for 12 years and compiled their findings into our first comprehensive report: Malibu Creek Watershed: An Ecosystem on the Brink. Heal the Bay has identified three key problems facing the watershed and offered solutions for each, but despite the degradation and deterioration, we also discovered three hidden gems in the Malibu Creek Watershed:

Hiking the Cold Creek Lower Stunt High Trail. One of the most pristine spots in the watershed and plenty of shade to escape a hot day. Keep your eyes peeled for native amphibians, such as California newts and Pacific and California chorus frogs. To access the Cold Creek trail, travel approximately 1 mile on Stunt Rd. from Mulholland Highway. Park at the lot and hike down to Cold Creek.

Visiting Malibu Creek State Park Rock Pool. A fine spot to picnic, rock climb or swim (although we encourage swimmers to take precaution, and avoid ingesting the water or swimming when you have an open wound). We are working with State Parks to notify swimmers about poor water quality in Malibu Creek State Park. (Malibu Creek State Park, 2028 Las Virgenes Rd., Calabasas, CA 91302)

Taking a scenic drive from Malibu Creek State Park to Kanan Rd. along Mulholland Highway, ending at Rustic Canyon General Store & Grill for a bite to eat (the onion rings are yummy!).

Read more about Heal the Bay’s findings on the Malibu Creek Watershed.

Join us March 19 for “State of the Malibu Creek Watershed” public workshop and discussion.