Heal the Bay Presents – Commit to Conservation: Over the next few months, Heal the Bay will be exploring what it means to live in an arid state, and what climate change, drought, and aridification mean for our water future.

Learn with us through our Commit to Conservation series of community awareness blogs, Climate Action Challenges, and live events to get the facts about California’s ongoing drought and how to take action.  Follow along and join in by using the hashtags #Commit2Conserve #Commit2ConserveChallenge on social media.

CALIFORNIA is experiencing the longest drought in the past 1,200 years, which can be scary and overwhelming, but Los Angeles needs to talk about it in order to explore solutions and empower affected-communities to demand change. Through our Commit to Conservation initiative, Heal the Bay Scientists and partners are teaming up to help residents access accurate information about the drought, aridification, and water conservation.

Quick Start Guide:

Here, we will share solutions and opportunities for advancing water efficiency to become more water wise at home and as a community through collective and regional action. Check out our #Commit2Conserve blogs, events, and social media activations to start your Commitment to Conservation, connect directly with major players in California’s response to the drought, and have your questions answered by Heal the Bay Scientists.

Stay tuned for more #Commit2Conserve content, special events, and opportunities to get involved.

Community Awareness Blogs: Get in the Know

Read our 3-part series exploring what it means to live in an arid state, and what climate change, drought, and aridification mean for our water future. All blog articles written by Heal the Bay Water Scientists.

Part 1: Setting the Stage – Aridity in California

Heal the Bay Water Quality Scientist Annelisa explains how smart water practices like recycling and conservation can help ensure the human right to water and the rights of nature, even as California becomes more arid.


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Blue Table Talk: Have a Seat at the Table with Water and Drought Experts

Join us for three popup community roundtable conversations on the history and future of drought resiliency across LA County. Sit down, drop questions on our experts, discuss solutions, enjoy engaging hands-on activities, share your thoughts & feelings, and get clarity on some of our region’s most unclear climate concerns. This event is FREE and open to the public.

Blue Table Talk #1 : “Demystifying Drought”

📅 November 20, 2022, from 3 PM- 4 PM, at Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park Machado Lake.

Drought can be a scary subject for many Angelenos, but there is so much WE CAN DO to understand and combat the effects of these abnormally dry periods. What is drought? Is it natural? Is it harmful? Is it a human problem or outside of our control? Let’s demystify the drought and empower each other.

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Blue Table Talk #2: “Storm-Breakers on a Stormwater Breakdown”

📅 December 3, 2022, 9 AM – 10 AM, Sofi Stadium

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Blue Table Talk #3 : “Real Talk” Topic, Event Details, and Registration TBA- January 2023

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Climate Action Challenge: Show Us Your Low Water Landscape

Share a video of a water wise garden around your home or in your community. Tag @healthebay on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter and use the hashtag #Commit2ConserveChallenge

@healthebay During a recent tour with Heal the Bay Watershed Coordinators and friends, Amanda Begley, Special Projects Manager at @treepeople shared ✌️2 quick facts ✅ you should know about how we can help our trees survive California’s ongoing drought. #quickfacts #quicktips #California #TreePeople #Commit2Conserve #Commit2ConserveChallenge #HealtheBay #drought #water #conservation #facts #nonprofit #nonprofitpartner #info ♬ Morning Dew – ratio 11

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Take the Pledge: Start your Commitment to Conservation

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