4 Things to Do with HtB This Week

• Heal the Bay has new neighbors in Santa Monica! Fresh Brothers, winner of the “Independent Pizzeria of the Year,” has opened up at 1447 Lincoln Blvd (on Broadway). Refuel from holiday shopping with handmade pizza (with gluten-free options), freshly chopped salad and tasty wings. Mention Heal the Bay from Dec. 10 to 16, and Fresh Brothers will donate 20% of your order to us! 

•  Some weigh in at more than 5,000 pounds and can measure more than 20 feet long. They are the biggest meat-eating sharks in the world, yet they are currently vulnerable with their population declining worldwide. The Great White Shark needs your help!

Although it is illegal to fish for white sharks in the U.S., they still face threats in their Northeastern Pacific range, including incidental catch from fishing vessels off the coast of California and Mexico, pollution, contamination, coastal development, and climate change.

Sign our petition today to support the listing of the Northeastern Pacific population of white sharks as endangered or threatened under the California Endangered Species Act. And please share with your friends!

•  To further help the marine animals we love so much, friends don’t let friends use plastic bags, especially when they’re holiday shopping. This year, as part of A Day Without a Bag on December 20, Heal the Bay wants YOU to Rock Your Reusables! Take a picture of yourself, your friends, or a stranger (with their permission, of course) using their reusable bags to enter the contest! Catch your friends in the act and post it to InstagramTwitter, or Facebook with the hashtag #RockinReusables and tag @HealtheBay to enter.

Winners will receive a limited edition Heal the Bay A Day Without a Bag T-shirt, $100 Vons gift card, as well as other great prizes. Contest ends at 5 p.m. on Dec. 20, 2012, and winners will be announced on Dec. 21, 2012.

•  If you haven’t already, check out Heal the Bay’s holiday shopping guide to find the perfect gifts for the reusable bag-using ocean lovers on your list!

Visit Heal the Bay’s calendar to discover more ways to get involved.