A Sing-a-long at Heal the Bay Camp

Heal the Bay’s Santa Monica Pier Aquarium still has a few spaces left in Science Adventures Camp for kids entering kindergarten through fourth grade. Here, Amanda Jones, our Aquarium Camp Manager,  adapts a favorite camp song to explain: 


Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh!

Greetings from Camp, by the water

Having so much fun, by the pier

Discovering creatures from deep and seashore near

Open Ocean and Rocky Shore

Are two habitats we’ll explore

Sea cucumbers are full of goo

They’ll teach us about sharks, fishes and big whales too

Plastic bottles and pollution

Not the smartest evolution

Kids empowered will save the day

Marine habitats are cleaner, thanks to Heal the Bay!

Camps are weeklong or just one day

This gives you parents time to play

Arts and crafts, instruction, too

Teachers Jake and Amanda wait for you!

Sign up right now, or you’ll miss out

If this happens, your kids will pout

It is simple, sign up online

We promise their experience will be sublime!

(with thanks to Amilcare Ponchielli and Allan Sherman)

Register today!  Or call (310) 393-6149, ext. 103, for more information.