Beach Report Card Expands to Northwest

Heal the Bay’s Beach Report Card® expanded its coverage northward from California this summer by providing weekly grades for over 150 popular beaches in Oregon and Washington. By expanding the Beach Report Card, Pacific Northwest beachgoers will now be able to make informed decisions about which beaches to frequent and when. With the addition of the new Oregon and Washington locations to those of California, the Beach Report Card now grades 500+ beaches along the entire U.S. West Coast—from Mexico to Canada.

The Beach Report Card

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As in California, grades are calculated using water quality monitoring data provided by local health agencies and regulators who are responsible for actually sampling and testing the water.

You have the right to know how clean your favorite beach is, and Heal the Bay is dedicated to making that information clear, concise, and accurate. In addition, Heal the Bay also hopes to use the Beach Report Card grades to call for more frequent monitoring at those beaches that need it, and we hope it will help call attention to some of the more troublesome pollution spots in the Pacific Northwest.

The 2010 End of Summer Beach Report Card recaps Oregon and Washington summer water quality and weekly grades are available at the online Beach Report Card during the summer months.

(Note: because there aren’t many people in the water during the Pacific Northwest winter, Oregon and Washington beaches are only monitored during the summer).