Black Surfing Assn. Readies Special Paddle Out

Today’s guest blogger is Tony Corley, the  founder of the Black Surfing Association, which is partnering with the Malibu Surfing Association on a special paddle out this Saturday, Feb. 28 to honor the legacy of Nick Gabaldon.

The Black Surfing Association has been in existence since 1975. This grouping of surfers was the first of its kind. Our intent and purpose is the continuous search for the unique character and individuality that are so fluidly expressed in dancing — wave dancing that is. 

We are a developing organization — young and old, male and female – that seeks to share the pleasures of oceanic rhythms. Our distinctive group, which is increasing in number, is greatly diversified in our individual perspectives and pursuits.  Our politics, philosophies, vocations and social relations are as varied as our personalities and spiritual realizations.

Yet with our varied lifestyles, we are bonded together by two cosmic forces: blood and water. The blood being our ancestral African roots, and the water being the oceans and seas of the world.  The focal point of this bond is the sharing of the sport and art-form of surfing.

This water sport, believed to have been created by our own oceanic ancients, is enjoyed today throughout the coastal regions of the world.  Though comparatively small in numbers, the black surfing community is passionate and committed. Our community continues to grow.

From this growth of participation and the need to share arose the conception of the Black Surfing Association. Umoja, together as One, let us surf, share, and save our oceans and seas.

The BSA and the MSA will be meeting this Saturday near the Santa Monica Pier to celebrate Nick Gabaldon, the first documented surfer of color in the Los Angeles region. You can register for the paddleout and after-party here.