Blues + Humpbacks = Joy

On Oct. 3, 2011, Heal the Bay staff headed out to sea for a cetacean-filled afternoon. Heal the Bay Education Specialist Nick Fash reports.

As the boat chugged away from Redondo Beach Marina, a packed boat of wide-eyed Heal the Bay staff scanned the horizon for the telltale geyser-like blows of a surfacing blue whale.  Within minutes we were pleasantly awarded for our efforts as they started appearing in the distance.  We were lucky to have a beautifully clear day to take our trip a mere three miles from the shore, to spot the largest animal to ever grace our planet.

With hearts the size of small cars and able to eat four tons of krill per day, the massive beasts slid effortlessly back and forth through the sparkling ocean.

Having such a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by animals of such size is truly humbling, and helped solidify to all the Heal the Bay staff onboard, why we do what we do.

But the real joy was a special treat by a young humpback whale that made a few close passes by the boat, almost as curious with us as we were with it.

While not being near the same size of the majestic Blue, humpback whales make up for it with their social and playful personalities.  Amazing!