Celebrate Dads and Grads by Adopting a Pacific Seahorse

In honor of dads and grads everywhere and in celebration of the male seahorse’s unique role in childbirth, through the month of June only, the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium’s seahorses are now available for Aquadoption for just $50.

Growing up to 12 inches in height, the Pacific seahorse, Hippocampus ingens, is among the largest of the world’s seahorses and the only one to be found along the California coast. In the seahorse family, the males give birth, carrying eggs in their brood pouch, which are deposited there by the female. The male can give birth to hundreds of babies – known as fry – at one time.

A yearlong aquadoption of a seahorse includes a personalized packet with an adoption certificate, photo, fact sheet and a full year’s membership to Heal the Bay – and free family admission. Consider this one-of-a-kind gift for the dad who has everything and to celebrate the graduate in the family.

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