Make A Big Splash, Every Month

Heal the Bay is based on one simple principle: Anyone can make a difference. Our members fund the fight to keep the ocean and waterways in Los Angeles County clean, healthy, and thriving. Joining our community helps to protect the natural environment around us and hold big polluters accountable. Not only will you earn extra karma points, you also gain special access to events, discounts, and experts.

Become a Sustaining Member of Heal the Bay

Get Started: Donate $9 a month and you’ll directly support marine science, policy, education, and advocacy work (yay, thank you!). Plus, you’ll gain access to perks each month you remain an active Sustaining Member.

Once you make the Monthly commitment of $9, you can start to unlock discounts on Heal the Bay merchandise, subscriptions to our e-newsletter and alerts, event invitations, and one free admission to Heal the Bay Aquarium under the Santa Monica Pier for a year.

Bonus Perks: The ongoing support of our Sustaining Members amplifies Heal the Bay’s impact. We want to reward you for continuing to give each month. So, in addition to the perks listed above our membership levels include these extra benefits:

  • After 6-months of giving $9 a month, you’ll also gain free admission to Heal the Bay Aquarium for yourself and up to two adults and two minors for one year.*
  • After 12-months of giving $9 a month, you’ll earn a free VIP behind-the-scenes tour of Heal the Bay Aquarium for one person.**

Become a Sustaining Member



Business groups, community partners, and Super Healers who donate products, services, time, and portions of sales also have the opportunity to become members of Heal the Bay. Contact our advancement team with any questions and for more details about how to unlock your membership access.





*You can make a $50 donation to immediately gain year-long access to Heal the Bay Aquarium for two adults and two minors.
**Alternatively, make a $100 donation to instantly access your VIP tour of Heal the Bay Aquarium.