El Niño Is Coming: Join Our Storm Response Team!

Protect your beach and vulnerable marine life by joining our Storm Response Team! 

SRT is a volunteer-powered program where trusty souls brave the elements immediately following a rain event to pick up trash on the beach–before it heads out to sea and threatens wildlife.

Why is the work important?

Stormwater is the No. 1 source of coastal pollution. When it rains, a slurry of water, toxins and harmful trash flows freely along our streets and into catch basins. Carried through the extensive stormdrain system, the runoff dumps a veritable mountain of trash onto shorelines without any treatment or screening. With a record-breaking El Niño coming our way, the stormwater deluge will be bigger than ever–and so will the mountain of trash.

What do I have to do as a SRT volunteer?

It’s easy and fun, just like one of our regular Nothin’ But Sand beach cleanups. When you get the SRT text or email alert, head to the beach and spend an hour with your fellow SRT’ers picking up trash. You can take pride in knowing you made a major impact on local beaches on days when they need us the most. 

Which beaches need SRT volunteers?

Mobilized volunteers will sweep sites that historically have taken the biggest brunt after a rainfall: locations may include the beaches near Ballona Creek and the beaches near the Pico-Kenter storm drain in Santa Monica. We will let you know where to go when we send our text and email alerts.

Do I need to be an SRT volunteer to clean up the beach?

All the cool kids are doing it, but you’re welcome to go freelance! Just be sure to hit the beach at low tide (usually late afternoon in Santa Monica) with garden gloves and a reusable bucket and you’re good to go. If you’re flying solo, take a picture of your trashy haul and send it to info@healthebay.org or share it on social media with #StormResponseTeam hashtagged.

I’m down! How do I sign up? 

Awesome! Click the button below, and be sure to add your email and phone number. We promise to only bug you when it rains…

Sign up for the Storm Response Team