Heal the Bay’s Top 3 Organizational Goals for 2022

Heal the Bay’s mission is to protect local coastal waters and watersheds through science, education, advocacy, and action. We are dedicated to making progress for clean water in LA.

Our top goals this year include exciting outcomes for our communities. In 2022 we are building our first-ever stormwater park in South LA, ramping up public outreach about smart water solutions throughout LA County, and supporting major plastic policies that reduce pollution locally and statewide. Heal the Bay Aquarium is growing ocean stewardship in LA by expanding our public hours and accommodating hybrid learning programs through field trips and public activities. And, that’s not all we’ll be doing.

Scroll down below to review Heal the Bay’s Goals, and some details about how we plan to accomplish them in the coming months.

Goal #1: Protect public health with increased access to science-based water quality information for ocean, river, and stream water users.

How we’re doing it: The River Report Card, Heal the Bay’s public map-based tool for water quality at LA County’s popular freshwater areas, is about to get a fresh upgrade. We’ve created the River Report Card Technical Advisory Committee, with experts representing Tribes, agencies, NGOs, and academia. We are going through a rigorous process to enhance our River Report Card by aligning the freshwater grading methodology with scientific standards as well as our well-known Beach Report Card’s “A through F” grading system. We’re also focusing on outreach, advocacy, and education at Heal the Bay Aquarium about the health and safety risks of poor water quality at local swimming holes.

Goal #2: Champion equitable, multi-benefit, and nature-based solutions to address water quality and supply issues for the communities most impacted by climate change.

How we’re doing it: For the first time ever, Heal the Bay is building a stormwater park in collaboration with LA City Councilman Curren Price Jr. and community members! The new community-designed, multi-benefit green space Inell Woods Park is coming to South LA this year. To keep raising awareness about nature-based solutions like this park, we’re hosting workshops for South LA communities where we’ll share climate-ready clean water projects that can be implemented. The success story of Inell Woods Park will be shared with Heal the Bay Aquarium visitors and volunteers across our programs, to foster a broader understanding about essential environmental and public health services that protect the most impacted communities from dangerous heat and flood effects caused by extreme weather. We can’t talk about the dangers of the climate crisis without talking about the dangers of fossil fuels the number one contributor to climate change. Our organization continues to advocate for an end to oil drilling in our ocean and neighborhoods locally and statewide through allyship and support of legislation and ordinances. 

Goal #3: Enhance ocean, river, and stream habitats by cultivating environmental stewardship and action for our local waters.

How we’re doing it: Will 2022 be a pivotal year in the fight against plastic pollution? Yes—and our work includes an advocacy campaign, targeted at Southern California voters, in support of the statewide 2022 ballot measure (California Plastic Pollution Reduction and Recycling Act), to reduce plastic pollution in communities and aquatic environments. While we are set on passing comprehensive policies at the state level, we’re not losing sight of the critical importance of local change. We’re pushing the City of LA and LA County to greenlight comprehensive ordinances that address single-use plastic waste. Plastic isn’t the only cause of harm to our environment, and Heal the Bay Aquarium is creating more community resources for habitat and wildlife restoration information while ramping up efforts in the rescue, rehab, and release of critically endangered species. 

We are proud of our goals. They are bold. They are big. You can trust Heal the Bay to get them done. Stay connected with us, so we can continue to take action together!