Is Your House Leaking Money?

Reduce energy, save money, create jobs and support Heal the Bay.

Energy Upgrade California in Los Angeles County is a rebate and incentive program for homeowners to improve their homes’ energy efficiency, save water and natural resources, lower utility bills, and create a healthier and more comfortable home through a home energy upgrade. Heal the Bay has been selected as an Energy Champion to introduce homeowners to the benefits of a home energy upgrade.

Air leaks in your attic, crawl spaces, doors chimney or air ducts are hard to find, but they are a source of energy loss. For a limited time, when you improve the energy efficiency of your home, you will get rebates up to $8,000 and give back to Heal the Bay.

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Energy Upgrade California connects homeowners with local Participating Contractors who can complete their home energy upgrade and help them apply for rebates and incentives. For more program details, visit

Common Air Leaks in Your Home