L.A. Candidates Answer Enviro Questions

It’s not often that candidates running for Los Angeles City Council, City Attorney, and City Controller offices have an occasion to appear at the same event, but on April 1, candidates running in the May 21 election gathered at a unique forum to answer questions about the environment, transportation, the economy and their vision for a better Los Angeles.

Candidates from City Council districts 1, 6, 9 and 13, as well as the candidates running for City Attorney and City Controller, responded to questions from panelists, offering their ideas about how to address local issues like increasing the scope and accessibility of public transportation, conserving water resources, reducing poor air quality impacts on public health, increasing open space and urban greening, preparing for climate change impacts, attracting green jobs to Los Angeles, and mitigating environmental justice hot spots.

The event was well-attended by members of the public and various non-profit organizations, and staff from local city agencies.  The dialogue offered the public the chance to question candidates directly on these issues. The discussions between candidates were lively—sometimes heated—and the forum offered the candidates the opportunity to further distinguish themselves from their opponents and sharpen their positions on critical issues that will affect all Angelenos.

Watch video coverage from the Candidate Forum for the following races:

Heal the Bay was proud to sponsor the forum along with a broad coalition of organizations, including Climate Resolve, the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, Tree People and Green LA Coalition. After all, the individuals who will be elected on May 21 will shape and influence Los Angeles environmental, transportation and economic policies for the foreseeable future.  

Read the candidates’ positions on these important issues here.  

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