Lifeguards Support Coastal Cleanup Day

Lifeguard Marcus Chapman and Captain Remy Smith will volunteer at this year’s Coastal Cleanup Day on September 15 to help protect ocean users from the effects of pollution.

Chapman will be at the historic African American beach site at Bay Street as a volunteer in Los Angeles County ocean lifeguard beach uniform. Not able this year to volunteer himself due to injury and recent surgery, Captain Smith organized an ocean lifeguard team to accompany Chapman to support the cleanup day event. Christopher Smith (Captain Smith’s son), Brandon Henry Snell and Josh Williams will be the other LAC ocean lifeguards helping out at the historic Bay Street on Cleanup Day this year.

A fifth-generation Santa Monican, Smith became a lifeguard 22 years ago because of his love for the ocean environment. Chapman also provided ocean lifesaving protection for 22 years, serving as an aquatic and water safety educator.

Come out and protect what you love on Coastal Cleanup Day. Find a site near you!

Can’t make Coastal Cleanup Day? Just $20 can help run a cleanup site in your neighborhood. Donate.