Ocean Friendly Gardening for South Bay Locals

If you live in the South Bay and are concerned about the impacts your yard is having on the ocean, check out this ocean-friendly gardening workshop.

Our good friends at the Surfrider Foundation run the Ocean Friendly Gardens Program, and this workshop is put on in conjunction with West Basin Municipal Water DistrictG3 and the  South Bay Environmental Services Center. It’s in Hawthorne, on Feb 5, and it will teach you all about how to minimize your garden’s impact on our environment.

Our yards can be a haven for nature, providing food, habitat, shelter, and water to native birds, insects and reptiles. Unfortunately, the iconic sloping green lawn provides none of these things. In fact, maintaining a green lawn actually harms the environment because of the large amount of water, pesticides and fertilizers required.

Do yourself and the environment a favor, and get into ocean-friendly gardening!