Sustainable Shopping Tips for Earth Day

Our Advancement Special Events Manager, Ines Ware, shares some handy sustainable shopping tips for this Earth Day.

Earth Day is around the corner (literally, it’s tomorrow) and what better way to celebrate than by implementing sustainable shopping practices into your daily life. One person may not be able to do everything but everyone can do something. Small, conscious decisions are like little acts of activism.

Not only does Heal the Bay work tirelessly to keep LA’s waterways clean and safe, protect public health, and educate our community, we are also excited to provide you with ideas to practice sustainability in your everyday life.

Heal the Bay has a brand new online shop with some great eco essentials. For instance, when you venture off to the grocery store instead of deciding between paper or plastic bring your own reusable bag. This will cut back on the oil extraction, polluting production, and massive amount of energy used to make new plastic bags and lower their harmful ocean ecosystem and marine health impacts too. And protect the trees! Goodbye, deforestation.

Speaking of grocery shopping, we all have to eat, right? If you are out and about for lunch, instead of using single-use plastics to eat your delicious to-go order, try bringing reusable bamboo utensils. Heal the Bay offers bamboo utensils that are easily cleaned and come in a neat carrying case. There are also great stainless steel straws that easily replace plastic straws.

Then, there’s the pesky bottled water with its own set of problems. Did you know that water bottles produce about 1.5 million tons of plastic waste each year? Most water bottles end up in the landfill or the ocean. Have no fear, get your paws on a reusable water bottle for when you need to hydrate on the go.

No matter the case, there are many sustainable and reusable options to combat Big Plastic. Check out Heal the Bay Shop to treat yourself or a loved one. We have Heal the Bay gear and items made from recycled materials, upcycled goods, jewelry inspired by the ocean, and home furnishings crafted by artisans worldwide.

Like what you see? Use the Earth Month or Earth Day discount code at checkout for great savings!

For every purchase from Heal the Bay Shop, a percentage of proceeds benefits Heal the Bay’s mission to protect our coastline, restore waterways, and speak out for smart water policy.