Ten Best Recycling Elementary Schools

The City of Los Angeles LAUSD Recycling Program announced its ten “Best Recycling Elementary Schools,” including three schools that participated in last year’s joint Earth Month initiative between Heal the Bay, Chivas USA, and the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation to mobilize and educate students about the importance of recycling. Loreto Elementary (Cypress Park), Point Fermin Elementary (San Pedro), and Stonehurst Elementary (Sun Valley) came in 3rd, 5th, and 6th place respectively.

By “demonstrating a long term and comprehensive commitment to recycling on their campus,” these three schools also earned a grade of “A” in the recycling program.

Congratulations to these schools and everyone involved in recycling at home, on campus, and at work!

Chivas goes green video

Watch this video of Heal the Bay staff, Chivas USA players and mascot ChivasFighter educating students at these elementary schools about caring for the environment. According to Bonnie Taft, Point Fermin Elementary School Principal, “sports figures are role models for kids and they look up to [them]. For them to be involved in something as worthwhile as recycling gets our kids excited.”