Thank You Thursday 3-27-14

For the past few months, our Santa Monica Pier Aquarium has been graced with its very own in-house curator. Viki Stathopoulos, by day the Outreach Facilitator and Director of Fun at Trash for Teaching, inspires visitors of all ages to imaginatively repurpose discarded materials into whimsical marine-themed works of art — and the results are museum-quality. Thanks to Viki for bringing her contagious (and renewable!) energy to the Aquarium and to Trash for Teaching for providing the raw materials.

We applaud Environment California for organizing California Ocean Day, a statewide celebration that brought Heal the Bay together with other nonprofit ocean advocates, students and business representatives to raise awareness about the ocean while educating Sacramento legislators about pressing environmental issues. Special thanks to Monterey Bay Aquarium for hosting a festive and delicious reception that honored those who’ve helped advance ocean health.

California Ocean Day A few of our Ocean Day advocates, Heal the Bay’s Sarah Sikich (far right) and Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (middle)