Thank You Thursday 7-10-14

Everyone needs a little structural work done after a hundred years or so, and we are so grateful that John S. Meek Company, Inc. was here to give the Santa Monica Pier a thorough nip ‘n tuck. The skilled folks at Meek also used their expertise to keep the water flowing to our tanks at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium during the 14-month project and ultimately helped relocate the Aquarium’s pumping station to a new and improved location at the west end of the Pier. Meek’s crew was amazing to work with, and coupled with support from the city of Santa Monica’s engineering department and the Office of Pier Management, the Aquarium’s animals continued to thrive throughout the project. 

Kudos to Grammy Award-nominated musician, surfer and environmental champion Jack Johnson for helping us fight Big Oil in Hermosa Beach. Through his Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, Jack has agreed to match donations we receive to preserve Hermosa Beach’s moratorium on oil drilling. E&B Natural Resources has launched a campaign to authorize a slant drilling operation in the middle of Hermosa Beach that includes the establishment of 30 oil wells to extract up to 8,000 barrels of oil each day from beneath the ocean floor. We are so grateful to Jack for helping us fight the proposal to allow drilling in the South Bay.

Heal the Bay’s Key to the Sea program teaches elementary school students and their teachers about the hazards of oil spills and other environmental dangers to marine life. Special thanks to Santa Monica Seafood for renewing their support of this important program!