Warming to Worms

Learn how to save money and the planet by using earthworms to convert “waste” into a valuable soil amendment on Friday, June 29, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Santa Monica College.

The day will also provide a chance to see SMC’s automated Vermitech flow-through bin, where over 300,000 red wigglers process cafeteria scraps and cardboard.

Vermicomposting not only reduces costs, but the process can also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are produced in landfills.

Led by North Carolina State University and SMC staff, this “Mid-Scale Vermicomposting” seminar and tour will provide the tools you need to start or expand a vermicomposting program at your institution or business. The information is especially beneficial for restaurant/coffee shop owners, landscapers and city park and recreation facilities.

Seminar topics will include: vermicomposting, types of vermin-technologies, and details about how vermicomposting is saving money at schools, universities, prisons, military bases, and businesses. Information on how vermicompost and extracts (tea) can be used, and their effects on plant growth and disease suppression will also be shared.

The tour will encompass SMC’s 12-year-old vermicomposting operation via its 16-foot long, temperature-controlled continuous-flow vermi-system.

For details and to register, visit here.

Any questions, please contact either Tom Corpus at 310-420-2470 or Madeline Brodie at 310-420-3886.