Water Quality, Equity, and Climate Resilience

Water quality monitoring in Los Angeles County was impacted by the pandemic, extreme heat, and unprecedented wildfires this year. We can’t stress enough the urgent need for equitable, climate-resilient communities with ample access to safe, healthy, and clean environments. See a recap from our summer of sampling local freshwater areas.

Wait, What’s Happening to the LA River?

Tune in for one of our Knowledge Drop webinars this Thursday, 12/3 at 6PM PDT.

Following the numerous plans for LA River revitalization can be confusing. Heal the Bay scientist, Luke Ginger, will dive in, break it down, and share how to get involved.


Our Impact

Beach cleanups are just the beginning. Heal the Bay staff work to mobilize LA’s diverse communities to protect our coastline, restore our waterways, and speak out for smart water policy.

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Get Involved

Ripples become waves. Volunteer in community science, education, and advocacy. Your generous support ensures that our waterways and coastline are healthy, safe, and clean.


Take Part

Visit Our Aquarium

Steps from the ocean, an underwater wonderland awaits. Our kid-friendly Heal the Bay Aquarium at the Santa Monica Pier features 100+ species of marine life that live right offshore.

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Summit to Sea

Healing the Bay starts farther inland than you might think. Take an interactive trip with us as we follow water’s journey from the Sierras to Santa Monica Bay.