Heal The Bay achieved significant accomplishments in 2023 toward safeguarding our waters, preserving biodiversity, and raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.

In 2023:

🪣Heal the Bay volunteers removed more than 22,000 lbs. of trash from our watershed!

🐟The Aquarium and Angler Outreach program celebrate 20 years of success including educating more than 190,000 anglers.

🌊Our annual Beach Report Card Monitored over 700 beaches providing access to the latest in water quality information to the public along the west coast from Washington to Tiajuana.

Through our collective efforts and with your unwavering support, we worked tirelessly to create cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable coastal waters and watersheds for Los Angeles and beyond from summit to sea. As we reflect on the achievements of this past year, we are thrilled to carry this momentum into the coming year, always aiming to make a lasting difference. Celebrate them with us!

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What’s New:

Our Impact

Beach and neighborhood cleanups are just the beginning. Heal the Bay staff work to mobilize LA’s diverse communities to protect our coastline, restore our waterways, and speak out for clean water policy across our watersheds.

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Get Involved

Ripples become waves. When you volunteer with us, your generous time supports ocean and freshwater areas in LA County ensuring they are safe, optimizes how we manage our local water supply, and takes action for equitable access to clean water and green space.


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Visit Our Aquarium

Steps from the ocean, an underwater wonderland awaits. Our kid-friendly Heal the Bay Aquarium at the Santa Monica Pier features 100+ species of marine life that live right offshore.

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Summit to Sea

When we “Heal the Bay” we start farther inland than you might think. Take an interactive trip with us as we follow water’s journey from the Sierras to the Santa Monica Bay.