A December to Remember

December brings connotations of the holiday season. Office parties, vacations, holiday shopping, football bowl games, family gatherings, overeating, lighting the menorah, and Christmas lights and trees. For Heal the Bay, this December is anything but a time to ease into the new year. As always, there is our push for year-end giving. Tis the season for charitable write offs. Also, once again, Heal the Bay is spearheading the Day Without a Bag event. Over 30,000 bags will be given away at over 60 locations throughout LA County on December 16th as a reminder to bring reusable bags whenever you go shopping. Once again, partners include LA County, Los Angeles, other cities, retailers, grocers and other environmental groups. This year, the event has spread across much of the state with counties from San Diego to San Francisco participating.

However, this December is as busy as any previous December I can remember.

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