Green-Minded Holiday Gifts

At this time of year when we give thanks, it makes sense to remember that in every inch of sun, water and sand, the beach gives us so much for which to be thankful. We can do more than celebrate it — we can return the favor and give back.

Invest in the experiences that matter most to you

Explore a new, unique collaboration of artists, designers, writers and musicians who’ve transformed precious beach experiences into the tangible through beautiful, hand-crated objects for Buy the Bay. Give one of these beautifully crafted items that reflect the things everyone cherishes most about the ocean as a gift.

Dedicate a donation

Another wonderful gift is to dedicate a donation directly to Heal the Bay on behalf of or in memory of a person to recognize an accomplishment (e.g. graduation), celebrate an event (e.g. Christmas or Chanukah), or honor someone’s memory; it’s easy to show you care.

Adopt an Aquarium animal

Looking for a more personal way to become a steward of our ocean and the animals that make it home? Whether you “adopt” an animal yourself or dedicate it as gift for a child, parent or grandparent, you can support the feeding and care of an animal at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium with an Aquadoption.

Happy Holidays!