A Kangaroo in Compton?

Heal the Bay staff were a little startled to discover a young woman dressed up as an Australian marsupial at a recent cleanup in Compton Creek

Chanel Hason donned the costume to help garner votes via social media in a “Best Job in the World” competition, sponsored by Tourism Australia. She had hoped to earn a gig as a wildlife caretaker. Despite her creative efforts, she didn’t end up winning. But the stunt introduced the ocean enthusiast to a lot of new places, such as Compton Creek. “I’d never been in that riverbed before. It was so urban and I was happy to see that there were so many people,” recalls Chanel, a  Pasadena resident.

A longtime Heal the Bay supporter, Chanel has also joined us underwater for the SCUBA portion of Coastal Cleanup Day and persuaded her aunt, furniture designer Brenda Houston, to donate a portion of her sales to support Heal the Bay.

On December 20, Chanel’s representing the United States as she vies for the title of “Miss Scuba International,” which she says is focused on marine conservation rather than a “typical beauty contest.” The winner will spend a year “educating, inspiring…all of us to do our best to safeguard our oceans.” And if Chanel emerges the victor, she’s promised to donate a portion of her proceeds to Heal the Bay. Good luck, Chanel!

Find out more about Chanel’s Miss Scuba campaign at  facebook.com/ChanelMissScubaUSA