Andy vs. The Plastic Goliath

In a bullying move that demonstrates just how devoid of morals and ethics most plastic bag manufacturers may be, Hilex Poly Co., Superbag Operating and Advance Polybag have sued ChicoBag on the grounds that the reusable bag manufacturer has “irreparably harmed” their businesses.

If you don’t know, ChicoBag is a small Northern California-based business that makes cool reusable bags that fold up into a tiny, highly portable pouches. You probably have seen them at the checkout stand at select grocery stores and other retailers. The head of ChicoBag is a young entrepreneur named Andy Keller who is absolutely passionate about the environment’s need for us to break our addiction to single-use plastic packaging.

As a result, Andy created ChicoBag and the “bag monster,” a costume made of 500 plastic bags (about the average number of bags used per person in the U.S).  The bag monster has been a huge hit in schools, rallies, council chambers, and press events in getting the point across about plastic pollution.

The plastic bag manufacturing industry wasn’t amused by Andy’s bag monster or his use of statements and facts on the size of our bag addiction and the perils of plastic bags in the marine environment.  As a result, these three enormous companies sued Andy in South Carolina.

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