Become a Coastal Steward

Make a difference for our coast and ocean!

Ever wonder what you can do to help take care of the beaches and ocean you love? Did you know there are tons of simple things you can do at home, at work, and at school that can have a huge, positive impact? The California Coastal Commission has created the Coastal Stewardship Pledge, with everyday tips you can use to help our environment. Show you care by taking the pledge today. There is a special pledge for classrooms and youth groups and a Spanish language pledge as well.

Some simple things you can start doing right now:

  • Refill a water bottle instead of buying a single-use one.
  • When packing food for your school lunch, put food in reusable containers rather than disposable plastic and paper bags.
  • Start a recycling program at your office.

You can read the stories of people like you who care for our coast.

Join the thousands of other Californians who have already become Coastal Stewards! Thank you for making a difference for our coast and ocean.


Organizations: Please consider becoming Coastal Stewardship Partners by linking to the pledge from your website or distributing shorter printed versions of the pledge to your participants. For details, please email


Visit the California Coastal Commission’s Public Education Program at

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