Calling All Stewards of the Sea

Heal the Bay volunteers who helped make the new marine protected areas (MPAs) a reality can now join our new citizen scientist program, MPA Watch. Staff scientist Dana Murray, who manages the program, says you don’t need to be an expert to lend a hand.

“We had many supporters and people who worked hard to get MPAs approved in L.A. County,” she said. “We thought this was a good way for people to stay involved.”

Pairs of volunteers with binoculars, clipboards and cameras already have started canvassing the beaches, recording data on what they see people doing, from scuba diving to commercial squid fishing.

Join Dana and become an official steward of the sea at two upcoming classes.

Can’t make it this week? For future trainings, contact Dana.

Or, celebrate Underwater Parks Day with us Sat., January 21 at Point Dume and our Aquarium.

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