Catch Carmaquarium Fever

Angelenos are once again being asked to stay off the roads this weekend as Caltrans closes a portion of the 405 freeway to demolish the north side of the Mulholland Drive Bridge. The second phase of the mega project, known as Carmageddon, inspired staff at our Santa Monica Pier Aquarium to remind locals to visit our locals – of the marine life variety,that is! Programs manager Tara Crow put a blanket invite out on Facebook to the Westside crowd. She even went the extra mile (surface streets only), designing her own Carmegeddon logo:


“What you doin’ this weekend Westside? ” Tara wrote. “Avoid the traffic and come hang out with the local sealife at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium between 12:30-5 p.m. We’ll have shark feeding, story times, crafts, puppets and all sorts of other activities to keep you busy.”

Facebook fans bit – and raised her one –taking liberties with a Boy George hit of the 80’s. (Full disclosure here: the opening lines of the chorus were re-written by my husband, which prompted our education director Tara Treiber to rework the lyrics to the second half of the chorus. Sing along with their combined efforts: “Carma-carma-carma carma carma-aquarium–with fish that glow, fish that glow, Swimming would be easy if your seaweed were like my dreams – red, brown and green, red, brown and gre-e-e-een.”)

So hum a few bars and make your way to the Aquarium this weekend for a rockin’ good time beneath the Pier. We’ll even reward you with a free Heal the Bay wristband and a sticker for your bumper!

-Randi Parent, Outreach Manager at Heal the Bay’s Santa Monica Pier Aquarium