Coastal Cleanup Month

We’re staying close to home these days, but we’re all connected…from the Mountains to the Ocean!

This year, Coastal Cleanup Day became Coastal Cleanup Month as we spent the entire month of September celebrating our watersheds and coastline with decentralized cleanups and weekly programming. Thank you for everybody who came together to help protect and clean what we love.


Thank you to everybody who registered for a cleanup and submitted your trash data throughout the month of September! With your help, we removed 40,101 pieces of trash from our neighborhoods, parks, trails, and beaches.

We will be sharing more data and interesting finds soon, so stay tuned!


Each week featured a series of events that explored the various issues facing the diverse regions that make up Los Angeles. The virtual events were recorded and are still available to watch, so check out our Knowledge Drops, Panels, and Instagram Lives featuring experts and organizations working to make LA better for local communities and wildlife alike.


Couldn’t make it to a cleanup? Help fundraise with Heal the Bay and support our clean water mission! You can fundraise as an individual or create a team (with family, friends, coworkers), and prizes will be awarded to the top fundraisers.



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