Dos and Don’ts of Grunion Runs

Tonight (August 8) and tomorrow you will have the rare opportunity to spot the grunion, a sleek fish that comes onto land in the thousands to lay eggs, flopping in the moonlight on our local beaches. As the grunion population is believed to have decreased, it’s important to protect them during spawning for the future population.

Here are some more tips from Heal the Bay Marine & Coastal Scientist Dana Roeber Murray for viewing this amazing sight:

  • Do not to touch or or interfere with spawning.
  • Be quiet and don’t shine a light
  • Leave your dog at home, or watch it closely, as canines may devour the eggs
  • Good runs can be spotted at Surfrider in Malibu, Cabrillo Beach in Santa Pedro, Santa Monica State Beach, Hermosa Beach and Venice Beach.

Consult this grunion schedule for the best times to observe these “silver surfers.”

Observers of grunion runs are urged to report the time and location of the run for scientific purposes.

Grunion run numbers down this year.