Local Artists Take Over DTLA to Fight Plastic

Mar. 25, 2016 — This weekend local artist duo Cruder/LaPenta are set to unveil their shifting sculptural installation called “Natural Plasticity” in DLTA’s Pershing Square Park. Here Jana Cruder and Matthew LaPenta discuss the genesis of their large-scale commentary on the impact of disposable plastic on the natural environment.

We are deeply moved by the current state of humanity and its impact on the planet and are determined to make people stop, think and act. And for us, art is that vehicle.

By placing giant replicas of disposable plastic trash in our urban and park settings, we aim to cast a spotlight that is both unforgiving and unassuming on the environmental, political and social realities of the global convenience lifestyle. We hope our collective creative output will make a positive impact not only on this generation, but the next as well.

Our project examines the adaptability of an organism to changes in its environment and the differences between its various habitats. We ask questions about the changing of our natural environment due to unnatural additives and the impact of disposable plastic.

Our installation brings the impact of consumer and corporate behavior regarding disposables into clear view. We beckon viewers to evaluate their own behavior as it relates to plastic consumption. We know that to change what is manufactured and marketed, we must first change the consumer. To positively affect consumer behavior, we’ve decided to “ruin views” by installing larger-than-life replicas of plastic bottle and disposal cups into natural environments in the Los Angeles area.

Our first installment is this weekend in Pershing Square, in collaboration with the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. We hope to bring the installations throughout the city, following the path of discarded plastic as it eventually makes its way to the ocean.

Come visit the work this Friday and Saturday, sunrise to sunset. Pershing Square Park, 532 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, 90013

We want to say thanks to the partners who made this possible: DO ART Foundation, RVCC and Shark Allies

                                                        Artist Matthew LaPenta preps a giant replica of a plastic bottle for public installation.