Report Water Pollution 24/7 via Bilingual Hotline

Only you can prevent water pollution.

 The City of Malibu recently introduced a water pollution prevention hotline as a way to improve local water quality. Residents can call (310) 359-8003 to report environment and public health threats.

 The hotline is staffed with bilingual operators seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and will immediately notify appropriate City staff to respond to the incident.

Examples of reportable activities include:

  • Sewage discharges onto the ground, into storm drains or surface waters
  • Overflowing onsite wastewater treatment systems (OWTS also known as Septic Systems)
  • Septic or gray water (soapy water from washing machines or car washing) flowing towards storm drains or surface waters
  • Pollution entering storm drains or surface waters
  • Contamination to creeks, lagoons, or the ocean
  • Dry-weather discharge from pipes
  • Dumping into drains and/or surface waters
  • Construction site soil or debris entering the streets, storm drains, or surface waters
  • Polluted runoff from construction storage or leaking dumpsters

 Don’t live in Malibu? You can still report pollution. Download our directory of Los Angeles County pollution hotlines.