Summer's Two Most Important Petitions

Petitions are one of the most influential ways to have your voice heard, and this summer, Heal the Bay is running several pressing campaigns to protect clean water and healthy neighborhoods. 

Californians use an estimated 12 billion plastic bags a year, many of which end up as litter. In fact, plastic bags make up an estimated 25 percent of  urban litter in L.A. River storm drains. Let your representative know that you’re fed up with plastic bags trashing our communities and beaches, and tired of wasting taxpayer dollars on plastic bag litter cleanup. Sign the statewide plastic bag ban petition.

Speaking of storm drains, the Regional Board is mulling a new stormwater permit that could result in “urban runoff” such as animal waste, oils and toxic materials being dumped into our local rivers and beaches with little or no treatment. This would result in dirtier water and a higher risk of getting sick anytime you swim or surf in Southern California beaches. Let the Regional Board know you want to be able to safely swim at our beaches or fish in our rivers, today. Sign the Take L.A. by Storm petition.


California, Bury the Bag

Take L.A. By Storm