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Join us for a rally and public meeting, as we oppose West Basin’s ocean desalination plant.


Ocean desal is the MOST expensive, MOST energy intensive, and MOST environmentally harmful way to get local water. West Basin, a water wholesaler servicing 17 cities in LA County, has proposed an ocean desalination facility in El Segundo that will produce 20 million gallons-per-day (and up to 60 million gallons-per-day if they pursue their regional project). They have released their Final Environmental Impact Report for the project, and soon will vote whether to certify and approve the project moving forward.

Ocean desal should only be a last resort for our region. It is a wasteful, harmful and unnecessary option for increasing LA’s local water supply. Desalinated ocean water costs twice as much as a gallon of imported water and up to three times as much as stormwater. Plus, we have so many other local water options that are more environmentally friendly — like stormwater capture, wastewater recycling, and conservation.

Join us on Monday, November 18 for a rally before the Special Board of Directors meeting slated to start at 3pm. This is our LAST CHANCE to put pressure on the Board of Directors, the publicly elected officials who ultimately make the decision regarding this expensive and energy-intensive project.

Let’s come together as we protect our community and our environment. We hope to see you there!

  • Parking is at the convention center is free.
  • Wear blue and bring anti-desalination signs!
  • Arrive at 2:15pm
  • Rally starts at 2:30pm
  • Meeting starts at 3pm